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[Last Will Cover] Last Will and Restaurant

This 68 page book contains around 1600 one-line poems created using the random sentence generator Sgen 1.0. Written at random, read at random. Funny stuff, strange stuff make your own images. Words in their pure form. A recipe, a product, an idea, a shape, a sound. Chance juxtapositions from a database of over 250,000 words.(Caution: Last Will and Restaurant contains strong language)

Last Will and Restaurant is available by sending a cheque or postal order for 3.60 made payable to John Boardman together with an A5 SAE to Untold Tales, 88a College Road, Crosby, Liverpool L23 0RP, England.
(Please allow at least 14 days for delivery)
Extracts from Last Will and Restaurant
The Club Mix

Wired Tales

badger sneakers
bald gooseberry women
the drunken lady's umbrella
some uncooked rice krispies
the two fake sea serpents
a bunch of complete and utter arse
the goat's hour's worth of pants
a goat's appreciation
those acid horses
the airfix lady's feet
english spitting event

hungarian behaviour
barmy chicken bubblecar
beer flavoured celebrity cheese
the drunken rolling rock n' roll
soft half finished can of chicken
mad light aircraft shampoo
fake hungarian behaviour

cowering machines
horn with eyes of moose grind
satan's long legged jumper
the socks out of two rosy nippled
glass sneakers

bud her paintways
wetolsome now among fish
to underbeat our beachorse
her eatmutt as mad
cool on silver breath

About Duckparis

existential beatween pot
a fridgefire
the goonight kiss

Invasion of The True Semillion

postable drone of helloitude
lobster men and strawberry women

but say as the lark doth say
over when night off is
and coat this world with language

lost also living eyes
autoborn of luck
tone of joan electrobackwards
belowmake clanking penis
seepepper your past
lobster in whiskey, chocolate green
outer but spontaneous tales of maureen
voice of toad this rehow
fulfilmentalautomatic this transexperience
the ingreat scat so tried and tested
resonance and flesh of readyforsound
check her dub
his absent music backwards
stick of electro yumyum
the bingabout slender death
the song out of malpepper neolobster man
event radio, poop so lip, handsnap,
moan of whispercoil

ready the jelly above the cutter
more tyre or brutish
farwhile sky on scene
wailing beyond goon into true original
fun up before time
counterfulfilment productions

the buckskin metamingus
moon and hello
more licksweet pie
and gasflash backwards hair

ah dun goone gon
proot the tone galloot
90 yr old gas jazz
remembered dismembered lobster
on moonstreaky uncheese of the essence
boat of soft skinnipple down
hood her oh
fairy dickspeak
cheap of slender
most eatsuck
yum yum of joy
inability duck return of
the experiencer for coremains of toad
a teasemarsh bug of hour 47
the special squid girls
moosex girls

chocolate gobsqueezy
mary hotel
joy o'legs
return of the rope
wailing until the corndeep of moon

Heidi lookout wet stabilizers
the infinity number
mighty hairy productions
mercury 8am
chocolate credentials
at mighty metrotrax, megatrax

directional butter how sprinkling
that applenaked tubwhelk
that speed planet of mercury
verdaceous beat of teenage faeces
planet mix
at 1001ulous gunradio


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