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[Nose Dress] The Nose Dress (Le Hooter)

From House of Darkly, The Stunning Nose Dress! Darklys new collection featuring prominent body parts is taking the catwalks by storm. Using only the finest synthetic nosemeat, this dress is the essential party piece for 2001.

CAUTION: Wipe clean only. Do not pick!

PRESENTLY UNAVAILABLE copyright Darkly 2000
[Badger Boots Pic] Badger Boots

This most excellent item of footwearing apparel would be ideal for clubbers, animal lovers or Harry Hill-type Kings of Comedy. Be noticed next time you walk down the street. But be warned - stay well clear of those stalwart custodians of nature, the farming community lest ye be shot or gassed or both!

Interested Boot Persons contact Darkly below - Let's talk Badger!

PRESENTLY UNAVAILABLE copyright Darkly 2000

[Whelk Ring Pic] The Fabulous Whelk Ring

The ultimate in personal fashion jewellery. Attractive and tactile in 18 carat gold, this curious conversation piece is a must for the serious lounge lizard

Jewellery Persons contact Darkly below - We're talking Whelk!

PRESENTLY UNAVAILABLE copyright Darkly 2000
[Idiot Briefs] Idiot Briefs

Avoid the embarassment and discomfort of putting on your undies the wrong way round. Now a simple glance in the mirror can bring you total peace of mind, allowing you to start your day with complete self confidence.

PRESENTLY UNAVAILABLE copyright Darkly 2002

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