November 8th 1998
A dark and troubled man approached me at the bar today. He has been informed of certain talents I possess and wishes me to put them to use for him. We have arranged to meet again in a few days hence, to discuss his ideas unhindered by the poison. The weather is clear.

November 12th 1998
It seems his name is Darkly. He has a plan to create a machine which will have ideas and machinations, surely above its station. I am quite sure he is mad, although the idea intrigues me and, ignoring my better judgement, will meet him again, at my house no less, to discuss this monstrosity further. Clear again, but there is a chill in the air.

November 13th 1998
I awoke this morning from a terrible dream. Words without a mind. I have started tinkering with some ideas on my adding machine, and I think it may be plausible to fulfil Darkly's wishes. I am quite excited to see his papers on the subject, which are quite extensive from what I can gather. I am not sure what the reaction of my colleagues would be, but I don't favour it and am therefore going to keep all this under my hat. I have moved my more powerful machines into the basement laboratory, as it has a good sturdy lock on the door, allowing for increased privacy. The warm weather has now truly subsided.

November 19th 1998
Darkly brought his papers around tonight. Startling. This has been attempted before by another. A man who has been availed of all sane thought (plays with stones Darkly said, poor fool). Darkly joked about the whole thing but I fear that the man's insanity is connected somehow to this generator of sentences. Nevertheless, his papers did not disappoint and I fear I will not sleep well tonight for my mind is filled with his theatrical rantings (and some of my own). We have arranged to meet again in a month's time, when hopefully I will have a prototype. The sky is getting darker now as winter slides in.

December 1st 1998
I am not feeling too well. I have near worn myself out what with the day job and the sentence generator. I have made much progress though, and I am looking forward to meeting Darkly again on the 19th to see what he thinks. Nothing cogent yet, but I am becoming more hopeful every day. The cold is here, it lies heavy in the basement. Maybe I should get some generators down here for heating.

December 18th 1998
I feel that the machine needs something else. It is creating basic sentences now, but they are mundane. The sentence generator needs some feeling of some kind. Tutoring if you will. An imaginative dictionary... The generators arrived. Huge things with leaping bolts of electricity. Not sure if they help at all with the cold, but the dramatic effect is dazzling. I think Darkly will approve.

December 19th 1998
Darkly brought something with him tonight. A hat containing fantastical things. Once attached to the machine the output changed, becoming strange, almost poetic. I don't understand how but it worked like a dream. Sgen is alive I tell you. Alive!

May 18th 2001
Meetings, mumblings, darkened basement rooms, hushed voices, vast engines, stirrings... Something is coming soon... _ Darkly

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