Humorous-type postcards from the Book of Darkly

Drawings By: Charlie Fraser
Idea & Captions: Darkly

[Hold it, Sheepman!] [Satan's Witnesses]
"Hold it right there, Sheepman. This here's
Sideboard Country!"
Jim and Dolly were getting really fed up with
the constant visits by the Satan's Witnesses!
[Salad Traps] [She Loved to Roll]
At night they would sneak out and set their Salad Traps!
She loved nothing more than to roll in the
rotting remains of dead animals!
[Heating] [Dress Sense]
Their trip on the Hindenburg was made all the
more pleasant through the attentions of
the Lighter-Than-Air Hostesses.
Charlie's landlord, Mr Quetzalcoatl, seemed a
reasonable enough bloke if a trifle flamboyant.
[Heating] [Dress Sense]
After completing his Domestic Heating Course,
Pete found there was practically nothing
he couldn't make a radiator out of.
Some of the older hands were getting more
than a little worried about Jake's dress sense.
[Sister Agnes] [Forbidden Hoover Dance]
Sister Agnes, Patron Saint of The Holy Drink
Later that night the Cleaning Ladies would perform the
Forbidden Hoover Dance!
[Jesus Inflatable Boots] [Unlucky]
Jesus' Inflatable Boots
"It is unlucky to be kicked in the face by
a horse!" advised the old gypsy woman.
[Horse Face] [Meanwhile]
"It has the face of a horse, chiquita!"
The Meanwhile Chicken of Solitude
[The Paris Rainbow Murders] [Raymonde of Nazareth]
The Paris Rainbow Murders
Raymonde of Nazareth
[The School Shoe] [The School Sniffing Dance]
The Headmaster insisted that the boys
wear the regulation school shoe
Some of the older boys performed
the School Sniffing Dance
[Cockcase] [The Power of The Church]
Holmes remarked that the Doctor
was carrying an unusually large cockcase
Such was the power of the Church in those days that by
the time the child was born it had already become a nun!

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